Hovenweep National Monument  

  Hovenweep National Monument protects some of the finest examples of ancient stone architecture in the southwest. Pre-Columbian Indians built these six groups of towers, pueblos, and cliff dwellings. The inhabitants of Hovenweep were part of the large farming culture which occupied the Four Corners region of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona
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from about 500 B.C. until nearly A.D. 1300. These peoples also constructed the cliff dwellings in nearby Mesa Verde National Park. The monument is noted for its solitude, clear skies and undeveloped, natural character.

Hovenweep National Monument is located in southeastern Utah, just north and west of Cortez, Colorado. Paved roads lead from both Cortez, Colorado and Blanding, Utah. Some roads in the area remain very rough and may be impassable in stormy weather.

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