John Martin Reservoir State Park  

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official Colorado
State Parks website.


Welcome to John Martin Reservoir State Park, southern Colorado's high desert oasis!

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Known for its great boating opportunities, John Martin also has some of the finest campgrounds and fishing in the state. Visitors enjoy sun-baked beaches surrounded by sagebrush, yucca and tamarack trees near the main reservoir.

Lake Hasty, located below the dam, provides plentiful shade with cottonwood trees and lush grasses. It is also a great place to view wildlife such as deer, antelope, raccoons and prairie dogs. Bird watchers find vultures in the spring and bald eagles in the fall.

For the past 7 years, this site has been the most important nest site in Colorado for Least Terns and Piping Plovers. Upland sage habitat supports Cassin’s and Lark Sparrows, and there is a heron rookery on the west end.

John Martin Reservoir State Wildlife Area is located on the Arkansas River near the town of Hasty in southeastern Colorado.

To Contact the Park Write or Call:
John Martin Reservoir State Park
30703 Rd. 24
Hasty, CO 81044
(719) 829-1801
(719) 829-1807 (fax)

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