Thrills at 14,110 feet!


It beckons to you. Experience the thrill this summer!



No trip to Colorado would be complete without ascending to the summit of Pikes Peak. Although this is not the tallest mountain in the state, Pikes Peak is America's most famous mountain. It was a beacon of hope, rising above the plains, as pioneers journeyed west in search of a new life. In 1893, a teacher named Katharine Lee Bates made the arduous trek to the summit, and was inspired to write a poem titled," America the Beautiful".

Today, Pikes Peak is as stunning as ever, luring travelers from around the world to the 14,110 foot summit. Some adventurers choose to hike to the top on the Barr Trail. Others drive to the top on the Pikes Peak Highway Toll Road. However, to truly experience the beauty and history surrounding America's Mountain, nothing beats a trip to the top on the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway!

The train you are free to take photographs, meet new people, or even have lunch on the way to the summit.

Riding the Cog also allows passengers to enjoy the breath-taking views without the fear of driving off the road, or tripping along the trail. From the comfort of the train you have the opportunity to safely view the areas wildlife. Deer, raccoons, skunks, and the occasional bear or mountain lion may present themselves. Bighorn sheep and yellow bellied marmots are the only inhabitants found above timberline.

The Manitou and Pikes Peak Railway is open from late April through December, weather permitting.