Great Sand Dunes Nat. Monument

  In a corner of the remote San Luis Valley in the Colorado Rockies rise the Great Sand Dunes. These dunes are the tallest in North America, rising 750 feet from the valley floor. They cover approximately 39 square miles of the San Luis Valley.

The dunes are home to some unique and spectacular species of flora and fauna.

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In late summer you can see the bright yellow prairie sunflower in its peak of color. The giant sand treader camel cricket and two species of beetle are unique residents of the dunes.

The Great Sand Dunes National Monument is located 38 miles northeast of Alamosa, Colorado. Highway 150 leads to the entrance and visitor center of the monument. The monument lies at the southeastern end of the San Luis Valley, nestled against the western slope of Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The peaks immediately to the east of the dunes are (from north to south) Cleveland Peak, 13,414; Mount Herard, 12,200; Mount Zwischen, 12,006 and Carbonate Mountain, 12,308.

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